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Re: New MG owner

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Subject: Re: New MG owner
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:28:51 -0500
Welcome Mike,

I have a Coverlay Dash Cover on my dash and I think it was the easiest and
cheapest way to go.  About $45.00 form Moss and a new dash is $$$?  You can't
tell its a cover untill you get right up next to it.

Urbandale IA
73 BGT Ferggie  (for sale)

Michael Walter wrote:

> I just bought a '79 MG Midget. I plan to pick it up this weekend. Are there
> any 'gotchas' with this car that I should know about? Evidently, I have to
> put a rebuild kit into the master cylinder. Is that pretty easy? Also, the
> dash is cracked. Has anyone had any experience with the dash covers that I
> see advertised?  Any tips on good groups to join, or magazines to subscribe
> to?
> Michael Walter

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