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Re:Engine Block Heater

Subject: Re:Engine Block Heater
From: David Councill <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:43:52 -0600
About 20 years ago or so, the lower radiator hose heater catalogs listed
the 1 1/4" heater as the one for the B. I put one in my 65B and even though
the 65B is long gone, I still have the same heater, now nestled in my 71
BGT. I don't remember the manufacturer but it was (is) one of the name
brands. The length of the heater is critical because mine just barely fits
between the radiator's lower hose inlet and the engine lower hose outlet,
held on with 1 1/4" radiator hose.

They stopped listing the MGB in the heater catalogs sometime in the early
80s even though the heater was still manufactured. Mine still works really
good - even at 20 below. It will still warm the engine up in less than half
an hour or at least it did last time I used it.

A freeze plug heater would even be better though. When I replaced the
engine in my 71BGT with a 72 engine back in 1985, the engine had one of
these freeze plug heaters installed. But the element was burned out. I
never could track down a replacement - they were no longer made for that
particular size. But it was hard to look back then since we didn't have the
Internet then.

The other kind of block heater is the type that fits in the heater line and
is supposed to circulate water through its internal pump into the block. I
don't think it will work on the MGB and the one I tried on my Landcruiser
was worthless - all it did was heat the water in the heater line itself.

David Councill
67 BGT
71 BGT
74 Toyota Landcruiser

>Here follows a plea I received from someone who is apparently not on the
>list. I can't help him (we don't need block heaters in California!).
>If any of you B owners in the North East or Canada can help, please e-mail
>him direct. Thanks!
>British Sportscar Center

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