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RE: Late MGB Fuel Lines

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Subject: RE: Late MGB Fuel Lines
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 16:09:53 +0200
Thanks for the warning - I'll check it even if mine isa '71 one.


'71 BGT

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> Subject:      Late MGB Fuel Lines
> In talking to Ken Smith at Moss Motors the other day, he mentioned that I 
> should put a reminder to owners of late MGBs in 'MGB Driver' - check your 
> fuel lines. The late cars (I think it was from '77, but don't trust me on 
> that - check anyway even if your car is earlier) used a hard plastic fuel 
> line to the carbs. As this line ages, it hardens and splits lengthwise
> which 
> leads to fuel dumping in considerably more than a drip onto the catalytic 
> converter. There was apparently an MGB that burned on a San Diego freeway 
> from this recently prompting Ken to ask to have a reminder published. So
> it 
> will be in the Driver and I thought I'd make mention of it here on the
> list.
> Kim Tonry
> Editor - MGB Driver-Journal of the North American MGB Register
> Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

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