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Re: Engine Block Heater

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: Re: Engine Block Heater
From: "Tim Economu" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 13:24:04 -0700
Dear Barney, Rick et al:
There is a low cost method that has some benefits:
Us a shielded light (work light) with a 15W bulb on a 24 hour timer, placed
in the engine compartment. Set the timer to come on at about 3 hours before
you want to drive it.

This not only heats up the engine, but also by conduction and radiation also
the passenger compartment a small amount. Also in soggier climates, like the
Pacific Northwest, it tends to dry out dampness inside. Also it is cheap. At
10 cents per kWh (ours is more like 5-7 cents US) the cost to run is
15W/1KWr X 10 cents X 3hours = under a half penny a day. At this rate you
can run this thing every night for 3 months for  41 cents. Plus the initial
cost is low (about 15 bucks). Also, you are not required to install anything
permanently in your engine.

Oh, one more idea... if you live anywhere near the Rocky Mountains, use
geothermal- heated water to circulate in pipes under your LBC!! Then all
will be nice and toasty for your morning ride!

Kind regards,

Tim Economu
'69 BGT mona

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