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After Market MGB Bonnets

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Subject: After Market MGB Bonnets
From: "Dennis Berman" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 09:59:55 -0500
'Morning all,

Recently I asked for any advice on after market bonnets for the MGB.
Thank you all who respnded. Your advice was VERY valuable and
greatly appreciated.

I did drive 30 miles (into Arlington) to pick up a new hood from
the Sports Car Warehouse. Got it and a few extras (the rubber
seal and some misc. parts) for less then 200 bucks. Can't beat
that price.

The new hood took some time to get perfectly adjusted. About
2 hours in my hot Texas garage... Thank GOD for beer!

She's not an exact fit, but close enough to please me. There's
about a 1/4 inch of clearance on each side. And not the hood
closes nicely and securely.

Next, I've got about 2 months (in weekends) of time in preparing
the body for paint.

I have little experience in this area and now find myself wanting
to pick the minds of the experts on this mail list.

Some general questions immediatetly come to mind.

For instance:

1) I've identified a small area near the passanger's headlight
   that had been bondo'ed. I can tell this because its begun to
   crack. I would like to remove ALL the bondo I can find and
   replace it with maybe fiberglass... I understand that fiberglass
   will not crack (after 20 years). Is this a true assumption?

   Should I investigate bondo options, or focus on fiberglass?

As this phase of my project moves forward, I'm certain to have
many more questions in the next few months. But for now, I
best not exaust any favours.

Thanks to all on this list. I'd be at the library 3 days a week if
y'all were not here.


Dennis Berman

(_o____o_)   Safety Fast

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