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clutch click

To: "MG listerati" <>
Subject: clutch click
From: "Lonn and Rhonda" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 08:16:34 -0700
Rebuilt engine.  Rebuilt transmission.  New Borg & Beck clutch.  New
original-style throw out bearing.

The clutch clicks rhythmically when driving.  Not a loud click but it is
easily audible.  It stops when ANY pressure is applied to the clutch pedal.

It didn't click when I first put the car back together, but after a week of
driving, I rebuilt the clutch hydraulic system.  I was having difficulty
bleeding the system (go figure...).  I knew that I had no air in the system,
and logic indicated that the master cylinder plunger was not coming back
under its own internal spring pressure, so I tried something unique, which
worked beautifully.  I got on the throw-out bearing arm with my vise grips
and using super-human strength I manually disengaged the clutch while my
assistant slowly pressed the clutch pedal to the floor.  When I let up he
could feel pressure at the pedal, and the clutch worked perfectly.  We did
it a second time just to be sure.  The clutch works perfectly.

Here is what I noticed when I did this.  It took a lot of effort to move the
arm through the first 1/2 inch or so, then it moved relatively easier
through the rest of its travel.

Did I break something?  What could be clicking in there?  Has anybody else
tried this method?

This all occured at Zero Hour before we left for NAMGBR in Vancouver BC, and
while I had an incredible wealth of MG experience at my disposal, other more
pressing questions demanded attention and I never got around to asking about
the click.  The click has not changed in character or volume even though the
car has been driven daily since.

Lonn Howard
Pasco, WA USA
'70 TR6
'71 TR6
'70 MG BGT
'89 Saab 'vert
'91 big truck

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