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Idle speed and timing

To: <>
Subject: Idle speed and timing
From: "Tony Woodruff" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:13:17 -0700
The Haynes manual says that for my 1967 B the timing should be set to 14 
degrees advanced at 600 RPM with the vacuum advance disconnected.

Does anybody else have a problem getting their car to even keep running at that 
low an idle speed?  I need my B to idle at least 1000 RPM to get any sort of 
smooth running out of the engine, and really 1500 is better.

Can somebody please give me a guideline on the proper advance for timing at a 
higher RPM  or does the idle speed even matter?

Thanks, as always I appreciate the time the experienced listers take to educate 
the rest of us.

Tony Woodruff

67 MGB Roadster
67 MGB-GT-parts car (parts available!)

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