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SU substitutions

Subject: SU substitutions
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 16:49:48 -0800
My HS4s are playing the leaky throttle shaft game.  I think 
that if/when I replace them I'd like to go up to HS6's. I'm
willing to sacrifice a little bottom end for the better top 
end breathing.

First of all, does anybody have an 1 3/4" SU manifold for
an MGB that they'd be willing to part with for a reasonable

Second of all, are there any HS6 clones that are superior
in performance or durability to the original SUs?  Specifically,
are the Hitachi's on Z cars any better?  What cars in junk yards
would be good donor cars for carbs, or where should I go for
a new set?  Who does a good job of rebushing SUs?  

For that matter, does anyone have a set that they'd be willing to part
with cheap?


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