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Re: 64 radiator support

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Subject: Re: 64 radiator support
From: "gary & traci" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 22:19:46 -0500
thanks all , for the info.
i asked santa for clausager's book now if she will only get for me <g>
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Subject: Re: 64 radiator support

> Well, in Clausager the 62 is shown with a body-colored radiator
> diaphragm, but the 64 (18GA), 69 and later models are black. The support
> bars match the diaphragm where shown -- they are not visible in the 1964
> photo. In my 66 the bars are body color, but it has been resprayed at
> least once. The diaphragm is black.
> This entire issue is ignored in Clausager's long list of running changes.
> I would guess that the 63 you mention was correct, and that it changed
> perhaps in the 64 model year, possibly with the introduction of the 18GA
> motor (Feb 64). If you are really concerned with correctness, you could
> try to figure out when in 64 your car was built. Just divide the total
> number of cars built that year by 12 to roughly calculate how many were
> built per month, then compare your vehicle number to the first one built
> that model year. This info is in the Moss catalog, but be careful. In
> several issues, the column headings for Model Year and Calendar Year have
> been swapped. If you compare the data in the columns, it will be obvious
> if this is the case. The first car number built in each Model Year should
> be a *lower* number than the first one built in that Calendar Year, since
> the model year begins the previous September (or July).
> gary & traci had this to say:
> > i was looking thru an old copy of mg magazine and saw a picture (b &
> >what was supposed to be a factory  picture of a 63 engine bay . the
> >support and support bars were painted body color.all the ones i've seen
> >black were they ever a body color or was this really a newer picture of a
> >repainted car. i may have to get some more brg paint
> >
> >gary
> >
> >
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> Max Heim
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> it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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