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Re: Source for leather?

To: mga <>
Subject: Re: Source for leather?
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 19:07:07 -0500
mga wrote:
> I have several old British cars, one of which is a 1959 Riley 1.5.  The
> seats are leather, two-colour, grey and bright red.  I can obtain the red
> leather from a leather supplier in a nearby small city, but the grey leather
> is another story.  It's not a standard color that can be obtained
> off-the-shelf and the quantity I need is not enough for a tannery to do a
> one-off.  I need to adhere to the standard grey color so that it will match
> the door panels.  Anybody have an idea on where to obtain a small hide in a
> custom colour?
> Thank you.
> Don Scott


Try Hemmings - they always have adds for hides in there.  Not sure if
they have grey but ill bet they do .


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