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Re: Shop Recommendation [fix it or start over?]

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Subject: Re: Shop Recommendation [fix it or start over?]
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:40:48 -0800
Florrie & Allen Bachelder had this to say:

>>From: "Scott Regel" <>
>>Also, I'm wrestling with what to do with my B.  The sills need to be
>>replaced.  Would it be better to just sell it and find another in better
>>shape or to just bite the expense?
>...My own view is that, given a running usable B, there is nothing -
>absolutely nothing - on the car that is not worth fixing.  The only
>exceptions I can think of are a total vehicle fire or really major
>demolition from collision - in which case one would probably have much
>greater concerns than the car.

That's an interesting point. From a purely financial standpoint it isn't 
precisely true, in that one could easily sink $7000 in body & paint work 
into a vehicle that would sell for $5-6000 at most. But for an owner 
dedicated to MGs, that intends to keep one around for the foreseeable 
future, well, the "devil you know" may be worth whatever it takes to keep 
it going and happy. 

If you plan to enter shows, then again, you may need to shop around for a 
better candidate for a first-class job of restoration (one with matching 
numbers or no collision damage or DPO modifications). 

I have a personal interest in this issue, since my B is right on the 
cusp, so to speak. In its favor, it is a well-sorted-out reliable daily 
driver, with many new and rebuilt components, including Gold Seal rebuilt 
engine in original configuration, OD, brakes and clutch, steering rack, 
front end, rear springs, tube shock conversion, negative ground & 
alternator conversion. On the other hand, the body is suffering from a 
great deal of problems, including badly oxidized paint, serious rust 
bubbles in all four dogleg areas (sills seem to have been replaced), 
flaking rust and several holes in floorpan, collapsing jack points, 
recent front collision damage (bumper guard, grille, bonnet) on top of 
DPO repairs (heavy bondo around grille opening and headlight wells), and 
most seriously, cracked and peeling paint and bondo from bodged DPO 
collision repairs all around the bootlid opening and taillights, forward 
to the wheel openings. This B also has some interesting equipment, from 
chrome wire wheels and a somewhat shabby SnugTop, to a matched set of 
aluminum and teak vintage 1960's door pulls, window winders and steering 
wheel; but these could be easily transferred to a new car, if desired.

I bought the car cheap, as a driver, knowing it had some problems, and 
never intending it as a restoration project. 11 years on, I've gotten 
used to it, I guess. Not to mention sunk several thousand dollars into 
"this and that".

Sorry to be so longwinded, but I thought I would solicit the list's 
opinion. Do you agree with Allen, that it is worth fixing (the body)? 
(Actually, given my description, I suppose Allen might demur). This is 
somewhat complicated by the fact that I don't have any garage to put it 
in, to "do it myself". Or should I just look for a better car (and Mk. 
I's are getting pretty scarce, to judge from "for sale" ads)?


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the red one with the silver bootlid.

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