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Re: Just when you thought it was safe... (off-topic)

Subject: Re: Just when you thought it was safe... (off-topic)
From: "John A. Walker" <>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 10:14:41 -0800
IMHO, an ISP that is confident in it's staff and the preparation that they 
have done has no need to
force people to work over such an important holiday.  I personally would be 
more worried if they felt
it necessary to be there 24/7 over the Y2K switchover.  But that is just my 


>Word on the street is that Eric said:
> > Mike Razor wrote:
> > > I switched ISP on Friday.  My old one was closed for the weekend, I
> > > shop until I found one that would be staffed throughout the weekend.
> > > Given the magnitude of timing I felt uncomfortable with a provider
> > > that was not concerned enough to at least have staff available.
> >
> >
> > Run... don't walk!
> >
> > I was peeved that my MG guys were shut down over Christmas but the ISP I
> > work for has tech staff on call 24/7 (as most decent ISPs would do).  We
> > were ALL on call during Christmas and New Years - I think we got three
> > calls New Year's Eve all silly little CTK (chair-to-keyboard) Interface
> > hassles.
> >
> > Of course, unlike mechanics, we do not need to be anywhere near the
> > office/workshop - as long as we have a telephone line (or radio link)
> > and our computers, we ARE at the office!
> >
> > Ahhhto have my guys dial-in to my MG to fix its hassles.

         John Walker
~= Early 1974 MGB =~
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