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Re: OT - US Govt. squandering our $$$

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Subject: Re: OT - US Govt. squandering our $$$
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 17:41:23 -0500
At 10:23 AM 01/06/2000 -0800, British Sportscar Center wrote:
>I realise this is not LBC-related (though I'd have more money to spend on my
>collection if I didn't have to pay such high taxes), but I choose this forum
>to voice my opinion in the hope that others will agree and perhaps steer me
>(or all of us) into ways to communicate our dissatisfaction to the
>So the US Govt. is attempting to broker a peace deal between Israel and
>Syria? Fine, I'm all in favor of anything that prevents people killing each
>other. But, the news reports say, the successful accomplishment of a deal
>will probably result in the US Govt. (that is, you and I, the taxpayers)
>paying 17 Billion Dollars to Israel to enable them to build homes for the
>people they have to move from the Golan Heights to make Syria happy.
>Seventeen Billion Dollars? If the Israelis agree that they need to give up
>that territory, isn't that an admission that they shouldn't have been there
>in the first place? We, the US citizens, should have to pay Seventeen
>Billion Dollars to correct their mistake? Isn't there, perhaps, a homeless
>problem in this country that could be somewhat lessened by the application
>of Seventeen Billion Dollars? Don't our homeless deserve somewhere to live?
>I find this belief by our elected officials that they can just commit such
>huge sums to foreign countries when we have many prior needs here at home,
>to be totally irresponsible.
>Am I alone in this? Can we all write or e-mail someone to put this point
>across? Anyone got any ideas how we can fight this?
>And if you think I should not use this Bulletin Board to discuss politics,
>yeah, OK, I stand rebuked. Don't bother to write and tell me. I figure I
>give enough free LBC advice from time to time on this Board that I'm allowed
>a rant once in a while.....................
>Lawrie Alexander
>British Sportscar Center
Well Laurie, this is NOT a topic for this group. It is political. I can
spend an hour going on and on what I think is wrong with our government and
how it spends our money. I could support what you said, and I can give you
real good reasons for opposing what you said (in support of this peace
proposal, and what it will cost)  Its tough being the worlds only
superpower. What  a world of color we live in and yet how black and white
we see it.

I trully respect your opinion but please let this not be a new thread and
lets return to the cars.


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