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Subject: Re: Jag
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 13:10:55 -0000
Funnily enough I thought the opposite - the bonnet and door shut lines are
*exactly* like the E-type and the rest of the front is not dissimilar.  To
me, like the S type and the Rover 75, it is all too retro.  Still, I suppose
one day retro will be out of fashion, the industry will move on, and 'the
classic look' will be left to those of us with the real thing, of whatever


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Subject: Jag

> So, the launch of the (proto-type) F-type Jaguar is all over our news
> here.  If you ask me, it looks like they modelled it on our F-type...
> the MGF :-)
> It looks a bit too 'spacey' for my liking.  It certainly doesn't look
> like a Jag!
> Eric
> '68MGB MkII

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