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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 09:20:37 -0000
BMW are using "Your Mother ..." again for the MGF as "Your Grand Mother
wouldn't like it", and also "You can do it an MG" as "You can still do it an
MG". -

BMIHT sell an MGB video (order online, PAL and NTSC versions) which includes
those TV ads - - they also have a general
MG video containing a short film made by Morris' own cine department in 1932
that was entitled 'Safety Fast'.

You might not believe this but the multi-media CD issued by BMIHT in 1997
contains a film clip of a large 1920s Morris saloon bouncing around rutted
country lanes for a while, then abruptly changes to what looks like the same
car burning merrily with water hoses being played on it.  The final scene is
of a similar car driving through a brick wall and leaving a nice,
Morris-shaped hole, before proceeding on its way.  "There's nothing new
under the sun".  Another clip on the CD shows the safety features of the SSV
at Washington in 1972.


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> Thanks for an answer, but my question was when did MG (or rather BMC) use
> term "Safety Fast" for advertising MGs.  BTW, in the '70s they used "Your
> mother wouldn't like it."

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