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Re: Safety Fast

To: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>,
Subject: Re: Safety Fast
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 19:35:31 -0600
Hey All,
   Lets give David a break here.  Who's to say they ran the same adds in the
UK that they did here?

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Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 5:11 PM
Subject: Re: Safety Fast

>Damn it! I hate when Ed is right!
>Now listen Ed; this is twice in a row! What the hell is going on here?
>Here's another one (never published):
>"Triumph... the management team that we can all thank for shutting down
>or how about, (also never published)
>"Save the Trumph, kill the MG"
>Sorry Dave, I don't recall an ad  'It goes better than it looks!'. I
>think the styling was foreboding the future. The wedge shape was copied
>by the Portsche 924 and scads of rice burners. The 924 was another car
>like the TR7, designed to clean out the leftovers from Audi parts.
>Wasn't the TR7 built from SAAB et al, rejects? Today, for the most part,
>we have four kinds of cars: wedges (or is that wedgees?), jelly beans,
>minivans, and the bane of everything else, SUV's.
>I'll keep my MG's (and my two wheeler Beemer)
>David Hill wrote:
>> Whaddaya mean Wrongo? I remeber this ad!!!
>> David Hill/Psychomotor
>> Can I Telework for you?
>> Editorial, PR, marketing and student thesis
>> copy at reasonable rates via the Internet
>> Try...
>> Can I help you? Are you or is someone
>> you know troubled with a phobia?
>> Try...
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>> >  I also remember the Triumph line for the TR7...
>> >
>> >  'It goes better than it looks!'
>> >   >>
>> >
>> > Wrongo, Dave.  "The wedge", "THE shape of things to come" (NOT)
>> >
>> > Ed

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