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Re: Miscellaneous Thoughts on winter and Mg's

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Thoughts on winter and Mg's
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:07:17 -0800
Word on the street is that Thomas James Pokrefke, III said:
> That being said, I take off my hat to those of you who drive your MG in
> 'cold' weather (you know, in places where there's actually snow).  I've been
> in Chicago for almost two weeks now, and I don't see how ya'll do it.  My
> Pathfinder takes a good 15 minutes to completely warm up inside, and even
> then, I dare not touch anything metal, especially the support posts for the
> headrests.

The trick is to plan ahead.  Wear a good jacket, wear a sweater, wear
warm socks.  Get some decent gloves.  If the top's down, get a scarf.

A warm hat doesn't hurt either.

After a while you don't even think about it, you just dress warm 
automatically :)


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