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Re: '71 B, still no start

Subject: Re: '71 B, still no start
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:53:54 -0500
  Since you now have spark, have you checked that the #1 plug is firing
with #1 cylinder at TDC?  It's not easy to get 180 degrees out with a
distributor, but it can be done.
  If you are unsure, have someone turn over the engine (with a wrench if
possible) while you have your finger over the sparkplug hole and your
eyes on the crankshaft pulley. When you feel the pressure build and see
the timing marks coming up, stop at TDC (not critical).  Then look at the
distrib rotor and the cap and see that the rotor is pointing to the wire
that goes to #1.   If it's not, just rearrange the wires.  Rotation of
the distributor is counter clockwise,  1 3 4 2.

On Thu, 20 Jan 2000 18:13:04 -0500 "Craig D. Niederst"
<> writes:
> Well, still cannot get the B started. I thought before that It may 
> have been
> something in the distributor (only had spark at #2), but after a 
> little
> cleaning I now have spark at all cylinders. One thing I did notice 
> about the
> distributor is that the lower of the 2 clips that hold the cap on is 
> gone
> (thus why there was a wire tie holding the assembly together put 
> there by
> the DPO). Any way to fix this (without buying a whole new 
> distributor)? I
> have already verified that I get fuel to the carbs. I am currently 
> at a loss
> on why the car will not turn over. It cranks fine, just will not 
> start,
> sputter, etc. I was thinking that the carbs could possibly be dirty 
> and
> blocked from old gas, etc. I did pull the fuel line from the carbs 
> and
> allowed the fuel pump to pump about 1 liter of gas out of the system 
> before
> trying to start the car. The first few squirts were a bit dirty, but 
> it was
> clean after that. But who knows if the DPO tried to start the car 
> and may
> have let some of the dirty gas into the carbs. When I pulled the 
> plugs after
> a little cranking, they all did smell of gas (so it looks like gas 
> is
> getting to the combustion chambers). Any ideas on where to look 
> next? TIA.
> Craig
> '71 B (still in the street and covered in snow)

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