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Re: A-Arm bushings

To: Rick Roberts <>
Subject: Re: A-Arm bushings
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 22:00:41 -0800
Word on the street is that Rick Roberts said:
> Looks like I need to replace the a-arm bushings and seals in my 76B.
> With a good hydraulic jack to relieve tension from the coil springs, this 
> job doesn't look too be much of a brain buster.
> Comments / Tips ??

I take it you're replacing the kingping bushes/seals as well?  Otherwise
Joe's suggestion of using a spring compressor means you wouldn't have to
undo the trunnion bolts.

Get the V8 bushes. Use a vice and a large socket to press in the bushes
and use lots of liquid soap.

If you don't have a front sway bar now's a good time to think about it,
since you may need to replace your front a-arms.

Other than that it's pretty darn easy.  Careful with the springs! 
I used a trolley jack and it felt completely safe.


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