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RE: Skye and Me

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Subject: RE: Skye and Me
From: douglas wilson <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 06:14:32 -0500
Hi Carl and List, I'm sure many will agree. If you've already spent the time 
getting the engine out now is the time to replace the clutch and throw out 
bearing. Also to check the flywheel for scratches and have it machined. Then 
you will have no clutch worries for the next 100k's. Money well spent at this 
time. Good Luck......Doug 76B

From:   Carl French
Sent:   Sunday, January 30, 2000 9:58 PM
Subject:        Skye and Me

Ok, both of us have our engines out for the first time. I am doing a
'full' rebuild (pistons, rings, bearings, camshaft, etc) so my questions
should far outlast Skye's. My question dujour is I have already bought
the replacement clutch kit and having now seen the current one I am
wondering if I could actually get by with the current one? I know the
golden rule is replacement but $100 is $100 (or $150cdn to skye ;-). Is
there a way to measure or a visible rule of thumb to determine it. The
clutch was done around 1980 but the mileage since then is maybe 20k. The
release bearing looks better than my new one except for a chip out of
the edge. The pressure plates (the organic looking things?) seem to be
perfect with the exception of a few wear marks on both sides. Like I
said a 100 is a 100 and I could still use it for some other parts.

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