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Re: Jaguar F type Concept & Others

To: "Gerard Chateauvieux" <>,
Subject: Re: Jaguar F type Concept & Others
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 13:20:15 -0500
DaimlerChrysler IS building the Hemi 300. There is a Pic of it on the 
same page. I think it will be out later this year as a 2001 model. There 
is a blurb on it in the Article in Ampersand in R&T along side info about 
the New Viper (Man what a car!!). 

As to the PT Cruiser, I really like it, but I gotta agree that it needs 
the V-6. I bought an 84 caravan with a 4 - before they introed the V-6 
wish I woulda waited.

The Real Larry

At this exact moment in time 2/10/00 12:46 PM, made the profound statement:

>I doubt the MG would be in this very pricey catagory. It is more likely (in
>my opinion) the (rumored)the Big Healey resurrection would be in style
>catagory. To me, the Z8 styling is very reminiscent of the lines of the AH
>3000. Artists skecthes I've seen are similar too.
>I like the PT Cruiser too. For that matter, I like all of Chrysler's
>prototype and production cars. I recently saw an article in Automobile
>magazine on a prototype Chrysler convertible resurrecting the "Hemi" Great
>looking car too.
>At 4:01 PM +0000 2/10/00, Graziano, Michael wrote:
>>Here's a web page with quite a few Concept and New Production vehicles.
>>Nice pics.
>>I know it sounds strange,  but I kinda like the Chrysler PT Cruiser.
>>Classic styling.
>>Anyone else hear rumours that the new MG will be based off the Z8 (which is
>>on this above page)?
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