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To: "Paul Hunt" <>
Subject: Re: newbie
From: "Lawrie Alexander" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 10:52:12 -0800

How true! Last time I visited England, I found the same thing with the
rental car. The cut-off angle of the headlights (a credit to modern
glass-making and light diffusion technology, I'm sure) was so well-defined
that no light whatsoever reached as high as the informational part of your
average street sign or directional signpost! For someone not familiar with
where he was going, this was quite a problem!


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Date: Sunday, March 05, 2000 7:08 AM
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>Speaking of headlights, I haven't travelled in a 'modern' car at night for
>some years.  Last week I was a passenger in a Jag XK8 and the dipped-beam
>cut-off was so absolute that on an unlit road I couldn't see anything -
>parked cars, people or bends in the road - further than 10 yards away.  The
>driver didn't seem to mind and it was a route he travelled fairly often,
>it made me pretty nervous at 50/60mph.  Give me the soft scatter of my MGBs
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>> ...which reminds me that MY highbeams are fairly useless as they
>> illuminate about 6 feet in front of the car! Got to aim those lights one
>> of these days! 'Course, at the speeds that mine can attain now, spotting
>> a pothole at 6 feet give me roughly 2 minutes to avoid it!!!!
>> Dan
>> 76 (slow) Brooklands Green B Roadster

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