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Re: Moss Motoring & Oil pressure relief valve

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Subject: Re: Moss Motoring & Oil pressure relief valve
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 19:39:11 -0000
Oil gauge bouncing at certain rpms is said to be 'normal' and just a factor
of harmonics between spring pressure and oil pressure.  If it happens at a
range of rpms then it could be the transmitter - I am assuming electric


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Subject: Moss Motoring & Oil pressure relief valve

> I got the spring issue of Moss Motoring Magazine yesterday.  It was nice
> to see a picture of  Kelvin Dodd's race car and congratulations to Carl
> French on his second place award in the photo contest.  Carl, I would
> have picked you for first place if I had been in charge.
> I plan on replacing the oil pressure relief valve on my 75 B soon.  The
> oil pressure gauge has been bouncing and acting strange lately.  I have
> eliminated various oil leaks and cannot think of any other reason the
> gauge would flutter at different rpms.  Any other ideas or any things to
> look out for or tips that would be handy in replacing the valve?
> Bob Hacker
> 1975 MGB
> Vancouver, Washington

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