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Re: Water/Oil Coolers

Subject: Re: Water/Oil Coolers
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 10:51:48 EST
modern cars that use water/oil coolers do so for a couple of reasons I 
believe.  1 As you mention the ability to keep the oil cooler out of the air 
flow.  2.  Packaging (everything has to be somewhere) You can stick the oil 
cooler next to the oil filter or next to the sump as long as you pump water 
to it.  3. Cost water hoses cost less than high pressure oil hoses.  Do not 
underestimate the importance of this in building cars.  If you save $1 a car 
and build a million of them you've made a million bucks.

To use a water/oil cooler fed by the rad water you would have to plumb the 
thing in (not too hard) BUT you would have to have excess cooling capacity in 
the existing cooling system otherwise all you are going to do is overheat the 
If you use separate water, you will have to build a separate container and 
radiator otherwise no cooling once the water boils away.  So the question 
becomes where would you put the extra radiator, water pump and all that stuff?

As a side note land speed record cars (Bonniville) use water cooled 
intercoolers for their turbos.  They have a box that contains a large 
intercooler, the box is fed with two LARGE pipes, and a BIG pump that go to 
an ice chest (in my friends car located in the hatch area)  When starting a 
run the ice chest is full of ice and a little water.  Five miles later (end 
of the run) the ice is all melted and the water is between 70-80 F.  My 
friend says that this arrangement cools the intake air from 400F to 68F


In a message dated 03/11/2000 9:40:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> Water being recirculated via the cooling system runs at 160-200+F, obviously
>  this isn't cooler than the outside air, so how is the cooling improved? ie
>  the Air would be at worst 105F. Would it be better to set up a different
>  feed from an altogether seperate resevoir? Problem is the water would be
>  sitting and not circulating through the cooler. This is interesting to me 
>  I was intending on fitting a cooler to the A, here in Australia it gets 
>  hot, but in traffic I would doubt that the cooler would make a major
>  difference, so hence my interest in the water/oil cooler.
>  Apparently a lot of modern cars run these types of coolers such as the
>  Miata/MX5. Comments anyone? :)

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