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Re: Brake MC

To: Robert Butterfield <>
Subject: Re: Brake MC
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 07:37:11 -0600
Robert Butterfield wrote:

> I need to find some one that still makes Brake MC's for MGB's.  We just
> rebuilt my brake MC this weekend and noticed that it has been bored
> previously and it still has a spot that had been eaten by corrosion.  It is
> not past the point of using, but it does destroy the seal rather quickly.

The last one I bought came from O'Reilly Auto Parts, a regional company based
in Springfield, MO.  As I recall it was about $55 and came w/ a lifetime
warranty, whatever that might be.

I've never tried "unpitting" a master cyliner.  In my opinion (and it is worth
exactly what you are paying for it!) I wouldn't fool with trying that sort of
rebuild.  M?C's for MGB's have always been so cheap that I wouldn't risk life
and car to save that few bucks.   Remember, that is my opinion.

Larry Dickstein
Lone Jack, MO

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