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Subject: Sebring
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 07:26:49 EST
In a message dated 3/16/00 10:23:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Once upon a time MG made it a point to come to a place
 called Sebring, Florida, every year.
 At that place on an old World War II bomber base, sports
 cars would race for 12 hours straight.  While Ferraris and
 Cobras (and later GT-40s and Porsche 917s) were fighting for
 top honors, MG's strong presence was felt in the lower classes,
 on the bill boards, and in the parking lots.  MG even had
 a number of class wins.
 This Saturday (18 March 2000), that old airfield will once again
 feel the thunder of highly tuned racing machines battling against
 each other, the clock, and mechanical entropy.  Once around the clock
 and many times around the track, racing into the dark of night. >>
Wish I was gonna be there but work etc are keeping me home. Have been there 
about ten times for the cars, the women, and the party. I've been cold, wet, 
sunburned and windburned there. This year the entire race is on speedvision. 
I suggest we all watch at least a little.

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