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Import Carlisle 2001

Subject: Import Carlisle 2001
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:14:42 -0500

It is my understanding that you are changing the dates for Import (& Kit
Cars) at Carlisle to a September date for 2001. If that info is
incorrect, please accept my apologies & delete.

If true, however, I wish to register a protest. I have attended all but
the first Import Carlisle,  usually coming on Friday & again on Sunday,
if there was more than I could carry the first time. I have spent many
thousands of my hard earned dollars with the fine venders that have
always been present.

No more if the date is September. My purchases are usually to finish a
Winter project &/or to get ready for the Summer show season. I believe
this is why many attend. By September, the show season is over. I am
broke. Why go to Carlisle?

If the show has become so big that it needs to be split up into 2 dates,
why not leave the Imports portion for May, switch the Compact Car
(whatever you call it) Show portion to September? Car shows are fine in
the Fall, purchasing needs to be done in the Spring. I believe the Fall
date will be a big disappointment to the vendors & to Carlisle
Productions. I also fail to believe that this show will become as big as
Spring /Summer/Fall Carlisle, three monstrous events that you carry off
very, very well.

Best regards

Jim Stuart
Gaithersburg, MD

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