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To: "James Porco" <>
Subject: Off list/on list
From: "Michael Lupynec" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 01:39:27 -0400
Hope this isn't too confusing but it looks like Joe Short was
trying to email James Porco and/or the list got me instead.
I have read his advice to you and in my humble opinion, don't do
this job without some experienced help or listers from your area.
You said you are 100% rotating parts challenged. On the other hand
I did a Jag XK150 clutch when I was 16 and without proper tools,
but it got real scary. If you have the time and choose to try it
alone, I'm sure the list will back you, even step by step. If you
get stuck you'll have what you have now - an immobile B - but its
not likely you will have caused any irreversible damage.

The other thing, in all our enthusiasm, has anyone asked if your
engine, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, steering are in reasonable
shape, or ran well enough before? I am assuming once this clutch
thingie is solved you won't be immediately chasing down another
$200+ mechanical gremlin.

Mike L.
60 MGA etc

Here's the email from Joe

You can replace the clutch at home. The easiest way is to remove
the engine,
but on some cars you can put it on stands and remove the
transmission from
underneath it. The hard part is putting the trans back in, get a
friend to
help here, bench pressing a gearbox isn't easy for the strongest
man, because
of the limited space involved. I have found it easier to lift a
trans using a
floor jack. If you have an OD trans, it may be easier to remove
the engine and
trans as a unit, replace the clutch, and reinstall them as a unit.
Most tool
rental places can rent you an engine hoist for a day, and you
should be able
to get it all in and out in a day. Jus make sure you have all of
the fluids
drained,and the engine ready to come out when you go for the

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