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Re: Very hot running 78B?

To: Tab Julius <>
Subject: Re: Very hot running 78B?
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 08:22:32 -0500
Tab Julius wrote:

> My 78B normally runs high anyway, about 75% on the gauge toward hot, but
> last night running it at 4500 rpm with an outside temp of about 70
> fahrenheit, I noticed it was just barely under the red, so it had moved to
> 90, 95% or whatever.
> I have replaced the thermostat switch on the engine fan, and those fans
> seem to work.  I don't recall if I have a summer or winter thermostat on
> the engine itself, but neither should let it get that high.  Coolant level
> should be okay, oil should be fine.
> Anything else to look at?  Would the radiator need to be flushed?  Or
> should I just look at replacing the engine thermostat anyway?
> Thanks
> - Tab

You probably ought to find out if it's really running that hot (whatever that
is?) before you start replacing parts.  The next time your wife is gone borrow
her cooking thermometer and accurately check coolant the temperature.  I'd
take the radiator cap off while the car is still warm but not hot!  Allow the
car to idle to reach your "normal" operating temperature as indicated on the
gauge.  Then check the coolant to see what the temperature really is.  If  you
are really careful, you can temporarily raise the temperature w/ cardboard in
front of the radiator.  Be very careful, however, as when it starts to
overheat it will do it in a big hurry.

I think you will find that the gauge has no real idea what the real
temperature is.

Larry Dickstein
Lone Jack, MO

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