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Re: lbc,virus,sightings

Subject: Re: lbc,virus,sightings
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 13:35:35 -0700
go away
i think we get more protest messages telling us to stay on topic than we get on
topic messages from the same individuals
MG content:  I got my B back from the shop, and it finally runs beautifully.  I
had to have some things redone that I thought I had done right, if I can't get
this cleared up with the shop that did the work, I will let you fine ladies and
gentlemen know.
time to drive....
Mike Jose
79 B (and yes i have a delete key on my 104 key keyboard)
Loving the last of the cooler weather here in Tucson wrote:

> what is a lbc? is it a mgb,mga etc.
> what does a virus have to do with a lbc,mgb................
> and my favorite.......i saw a lbc people all over the
> country know that someone in new york saw a lbc, mgb etc. i will sleep good
> tonite knowing that and my day will be complete
> i call my lbc a car or a's for sale
> i don't have any virus for sale or any sightings..........what a great list

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