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Re: Rebuilt alternators

To: "Craig D. Niederst" <>,
Subject: Re: Rebuilt alternators
From: David Councill <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 16:25:26 -0600
Lucas alternators not last very long??  Sounds like your original 29 year 
old unit lasted a while. I've been running the same alternator in my 71BGT 
since I bought the car in 1983 and 17 years and 150k+ miles later, it still 
works. I did replace the brushes once, about 10 years ago I think. I'd say 
that is pretty impressive for an alternator.

And unlike American alternators that often do not last anywhere near that 
long, you can buy the parts and rebuild a Lucas alternator rather than 
having to discard the whole unit for a new one.

My 74 Toyota Landcruiser also sports a Lucas alternator and voltage 
regulator. I put them in about 5 years ago. Back when we had a local 
British car parts dealer and official Lucas distributor - even though in 
his last few years of operation he was selling more Japanese car parts and 
much less English parts.

67 BGT
71 BGT

At 05:27 PM 4/28/2000 -0400, Craig D. Niederst wrote:
>The alternator on my '71 B that I suspected was on its way out finally gave
>up today (luckily in the driveway after a short drive). The alternator is an
>original Lucas unit, and is a 3-wire model ('71 should have 5 wires,
>right?). I have read several messages in the past that rebuilt Lucas
>alternators generally do not last very long. Is this generally true? If not,
>who has these rebuilt units at the best price (best I could find was the
>Proper MG for ~$90)? TIA.
>'71 B

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