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RE: The dreams of youth......

Subject: RE: The dreams of youth......
From: Dan Pockrus <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 17:04:12 -0500
> My son's dream (he's almost 15) has been for a couple of 
> years now to own a vintage VW Bus (pre 1966 - split front windshield).
> We went to a VW car show this weekend and he is now 
> thoroughly discouraged.  Seemingly everything restorable has 
> been restored.  Everything else is a rust-bucket.
> LBC content - -  He now thinks that an MGB-GT is "just the 
> right car for him".
> Great!  Except that I just sold a '67 GT (actually more of a 
> parts car) to a local fellow in January......
> Nevertheless, we must bring along the new generation to 
> apprceciate the LBC's like we do.
> I guess I'll now be looking for a rust-free CB GT for the boy.

        Actually, I have both - two pre-66 VW buses and a '74B. Not to rain
on anyone's parade here, but the ease of restore definitely goes in favor of
the bus.

                                -- Dan --

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