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Re: Odd question for tall people

To: Geoffrey Gallaway <>,
Subject: Re: Odd question for tall people
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 13:15:57 -0700
Well Geoff,
My dad is 6'1", and he can ride or drive my 79 B just fine, and my buddy Josh
is 6'3" or so and says the B has the most leg room of any car he has ever been
in.  The other day on one of our weekly Phoenix/Tucson drives, he just turns
to me and says, "Mike, did I tell you how roomy this car is?"
Now, I do have a roadster and not a GT, but I can't imagine there is that much
of a difference.
The other night, I even fit my friend Jessica on the shelf behind me for a few
miles, with Josh in the passenger seat.  Now that was an experience!
Tell your friend to give it a shot, it'll be way more fun than any Saturn.
Mike Jose
79 B and lots of tall people (just not tall myself)

Geoffrey Gallaway wrote:

> I have a friend that claims he won't be riding with my anymore when I get
> my 70 BGT in a few weeks and sell my 95 Saturn because he won't be able to
> fit in the car. He's 6 foot 1, maybe 6 foot 2 and quite stalky. So the
> question is, since he has never tried to get in the car, will he be able
> to get in, sit comfortably and get out without trouble?
> If there are any tall MG owners on the list, passengers or drivers I'd be
> greatfull for an idea of how these cars fit them...
> Geoff
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