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Re: Here I go again

To: "David Deutsch" <>, "MGs" <>
Subject: Re: Here I go again
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 13:00:15 -0400
David - gonna be at the FT Washington Show on Sat?? Not sure of the 
location  (info at home) but will post for any that want it tonight. It 
is in Ft. Washington PA on the 27th.


At this exact moment in time 5/25/00 11:01 PM, made 
the profound statement:

>So the plan was: Buy the 80 a quick / cheap cosmetic refresh to
>make a presentable driver and then lay up 75 B for complete revamp.
>RIIIIIIIGHT!!!.......The 80's coming out of bodyshop tomorrow and was
>supposed to go direct to paint shop but paint shop not ready this week so it
>needs to come home. AS LONG AS IT'S  HERE, might as well (how many times
>have I said this?). Pulling engine, heater box and master cylinders so
>engine bay can get fresh paint. Might as well rebuild that overdrive, I've
>been waiting for the right time to use and toss that cam,
>rings, bearings, timing chain....................front end bushings, king
>pins, rotors, brake lines................. Those Tan Leather Miata seats
>with speakered headrest will look nice with the fresh Carmine Red paint BUT
>THEN OF COURSE I NEED!!! new hood (Carabou Canvas Mohair in Tan) and will
>have to get panel kit redone to match seats........... I think you're
>getting the idea..........Guess what? my 75 B just became a daily driver and
>I'm looking to have 80 ready for MGs on the Rocks in Maryland, last
>Saturday in September.
>I'll be knocking around S.E. PA Saturday and Sunday of this weekend in the
>75B. B seeing U
>Safety Fast,
>David Deutsch
>East Meadow, NY
>75 B
>76 B minus engine and trans for sale $500-
>58 Austin A 95 Countryman wagon for sale, complete but needy $750-
>74 B chrome bumpered roadster, another project in the works
>79 Fiat Spider arriving shortly (waiting for DMV to issue seller new title)
>My son Adam has his 72 B roadster in the driveway also

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