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wiring: replace or fix?

Subject: wiring: replace or fix?
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 03:49:45 -0700
Facing the prospect of running through most of the wiring on my 79 B to
get it running again, I know that I can simply go through and clean
grounds and look for corrosion, etc. but I still have many things wrong
with the wiring.
Has anyone out there completely replaced his wiring harness and simply
gotten it right from the get-go?
Is it a good investment to get rid of wiring problems forever as long as
it's maintained, or is it just a lot of work and money for about equal
As I am planning to keep this car, and redo my brakes and possibly the
clutch this summer, I don't mind putting in some effort to know that
things are as they should be.  Currently my clock, my courtesy light,
the light in the boot, and a variety of other "small" things don't work.

Please give me advice, war stories, or caveats before I go and spend a
few c notes.
mike jose
79 b roadster
Ps- anyone know the best deal on wiring harnesses? email direct to avoid
advertising to the list

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