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new book for sale

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Subject: new book for sale
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 00:11:49 -0400
Well, I am not selling the book, Dan Masters is. The title is "Triumph
TR250-TR6 Electrical Maintenance Handbook".

This is written, obviously, with TR owners in mind, but since all
British wiring systems of that era, including MG's, are so similar, I
have no hesitation recommending the book to MG, Sunbeam, Jenson & other
British car owners.

The book includes some basic theory, general information regards auto
electric's, systems, general trouble shooting, etc.

Then the book really gets down to the nitty. Step by step diagnostics,
wiring diagrams of specific circuits, and an explanation of what is
going on in readable, understandable terms. Upgrades and modifications
are covered, & complete wiring diagrams for various years TR's are

While the book may not make you another Edison or Lucas(?), you should
be able to fix almost any electrical problem you will ever encounter in
a British car of that era or earlier. The Author, Dan Masters, has been
a contributor to the MG & MGV8 lists, and some of his work can be seen
in the tech section of the Vintage Triumph Register web site. Triumph
Club price was $28.00, general price $35.00- listers can probably get
the $28.00 price.

Contact Dan directly at <   >  I have no connection
beyond helping friends, Dan & my fellow listers. If this bit of a
commercial/book review of a serious work by a fellow hobbyist, intended
to help other hobbyists offends someone on the list, so be it. It has
more list value than many recent & ongoing topics, in my opinion.

Jim Stuart

1974 MGBGTV8 conversion
1978/67 MGB spurious V8 conversion
other support vehicles

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