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Re: One Bummer of an MG Summer

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Subject: Re: One Bummer of an MG Summer
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 19:47:31 +0100
Dunno where you are, but it's even warm and sunny in England ...

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Subject: One Bummer of an MG Summer

> Am I the only person here missing out on driving his/her MG this summer
> because of the rain? Here I am in August, and I could not even guess the
> time I drove my MG. It's either always raining, I'm out of town, it's too
> humid, etc, for me to enjoy the car. What makes matters worse is that this
> my first full summer with the car.
> Not like I had a great start either. Being psyched about just having the
> tuned up, the car died on my way to my first club event of the
> was a shot clutch slave cylinder, and then after that it was discovered
> tie rods were totally shot and needed to be replaced. And so, here I sit,
> it's pouring outside, and the weather forecast keeps calling for more of
> wet stuff, my beloved car collects dust in the gargage.
> UGH! Anyone else having as great a summer as me?
> Tom
> 78 Midget (I think it's green, I may have forgotten)

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