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Re: starting woes (electrical)

To: "Jason B Lonon" <>,
Subject: Re: starting woes (electrical)
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:47:57 -0400
At 12:35 PM 08/13/2000 -0400, Jason B Lonon wrote:
>I wrote to the list about a month ago about starter problems. After some
testing, it seemed that my starter motor was bad. (It wouldn't spin when 12
volts were applied, just pop out the pinion.)
>Keep in mind that this problem just 'happened' one day during a rainstorm
- it ran fine, and then boom. 
>Since then I have acquired a new starter and solenoid, and put those in my
72 mgb.
>Now, when I turn the ignition key, I get a small pop and a little smoke
from the batteries and nothing else ... no click in the relay or anything.
>Any ideas?
>I noticed that this new starter is made of what appears to be cast
aluminum on the ends, where it bolts onto the frame. How is this starter
grounded? Is cast aluminum conductive? Should I run a grounding wire from
the negative starter terminal to the block?
>Jason B. Lonon
Sure sounds like a bad ground. Bet your original starter would have worked
with good connections. A good test before getting a new starter is to jump
with good cables to the starter from a strong battery.


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