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Engine rebuild

To: "MGs" <>
Subject: Engine rebuild
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 17:06:12 +0930
G'day Kids,

You may remember my problem from a month or so back - I have a 76 B that
suddenly covered itself in oil , along with a dramatic loss of compression
in number two. At this time, I still don't know exactly what the problem is
or what caused it (no point pulling a head when you don't have the money to
fix the problem), but it's probably a broken piston from the various
symptoms, and the motor was pretty tired anyway, so I've opted to rebuild
the motor rather than do a cheap, short term fix.

I've finally managed a fist full of dollars to toss at the Beast and a full
engine rebuild and hot up will be ordered next week. I'm after a fast street
engine, not a racing engine. Any suggestions on what I should be looking at?
My local MG shop has recommended a series of mods that apparently give quite
a boost in power without turning the motor into a temperamental bitch, and
to be honest, I can't remember exactly what they are at the moment, but it
would be nice to hear your recommendations.

While the motor is out, the clutch is accessible. What should I be doing
there, assuming nothing is stuffed now. New thrust bearing, but what else?
New clutch regardless?

Just fixing the noisy, oily thing under the bonnet has to be only part of
the story surely. What else should I be looking at? It has reconditioned SUs
(fixed five days before the big bang) so that side is covered. On the
exhaust side, it has extractors - may or may not be factory, that much is
lost in time. What about ignition? I suspect I should get the dizzy looked
at but what else? Coil? ???

At the moment, it's running the original rubber nose suspension. I'm going
to get it lowered to chrome bumper height. Apparently the shop buys a kit
that does this, but it only handles the bits needed to lower it. I'm pretty
sure the shockers are OK. The bushes look OK but I'll be getting them
checked. Apart from the holes in the wishbones that get elongated, what else
should they be checking while they are messing about with the suspension?

The rear brakes will need doing - crook wheel cylinders. The fronts seem OK
but will be checked and I'll be getting a brake fluid change. Anything else
in the braking system I should be looking at?

What have I forgotten, apart from the gear shift knob which looks ghastly
and doesn't match the rest of the car at all.

3 cylinder '76 B, soon to be a 4 cylinder again.
         Anne and Richard Spurling

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