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Re: Umm, nevermind (was Four Wheel Discs)

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Subject: Re: Umm, nevermind (was Four Wheel Discs)
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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:55:15 -0400
Don't tease us!  WHERE?!!

Paul Tegler 

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Subject: Re: Umm, nevermind (was Four Wheel Discs)


I know where you can get 4 pot/vented for $720 - bolt on no bother

At 08:08 AM 9/22/00 -0400, Chris Thompson wrote:
>OK, so I misread the page in the VB catalog the first time I read it and
>never went back to verify.
>First time I read it was late, I was tired, and my eyes crossed the "Four
>Piston Calipers" with "Disc Brakes" and got "Four Wheel Disc Brakes". I am
>not too bright apparently.
>So, it's $999 USD for a front disc upgrade to vented rotors, four PISTON
>calipers, gee-whiz brake pads, braided steel brake lines, and assorted
>mounting gobbledygook.
>I'm a bit less impetuous at 8am, so I think I'm going to spend my cash on
>paint and an upholstery/seat kit. By dinner it will be something different.
>This car does funny things to my brain. Never before have I thought "Hmm,
>$1400 for a limited slip differential, I need one of those".
>On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Larry Hoy wrote:
>> Chris, you make me look for my VB catalog.  I typically buy from Moss.
>> I can't find a four wheel disc brake upgrade.  If they had a four wheel
>> brake set for $1000 that would be a bargain.
>> Maybe someone could enlighten me.
>> Larry Hoy
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>> >
>> >I'm going on the assumption that the new (as yet unnamed) 73 B needs a
>> >complete brake overhaul. I dont know that for a fact yet, as tomorrow's
>> >day she gets towed off to the shop to get the once over, but, based on my
>> >luck, I always start by assuming the worst.
>> >
>> >I've been thumbing through the Victoria British catalog that the PO
left in
>> >the glove box (Spring 2000, so fairly recent). They've got an item in
>> >that's an upgrade set of disc brakes for all four wheels.
>> >
>> >Is anyone familiar with this set? Any comments?
>> >
>> >I've never owned a car that ran well enough on the road to even dream
of any
>> >racing or rallying, so I've never done it, but it sounds like a blast
and I
>> >think it's something I may graduate to eventually.
>> >
>> >I'm cursed right now with a bit of expendable cash (As if the money I
>> >on the B wasnt enough) and that BETTERSTRONGERFASTER demon is
whispering in
>> >my ear. "Why dont you just go ahead and upgrade the brakes?"
>> >
>> >So, why dont I? Is that set worth $1000 USD?
>> >
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Barrie Robinson

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