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Oh Sh*^

To: "MG List" <>
Subject: Oh Sh*^
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:04:51 -0400
I was checking the oil this AM and discovered bits of metal in the oil. 
My guess - I got a bearing that is coming apart. Now I have a real 
problem. The Midget is my only car!!! So that stops parking the car, 
pulling the engine and doing a rebuild. So I have the thought that I will 
slap some bearings into it to give me a bit more time while I find an 
engine I can rebuild so I can do a swap on a weekend. Unless somebody has 
a running 1500 spare in the Eastern PA region they wanna let go cheap!!! 
;-) Or if somebody nearby has a rebuilt 1500 I can swap in, then I can 
rebuild the one I have and give that one back to them. Or a rebuildable 
short block would work too. Or, or, or ......??


with very sick Midget 1500

Larry Macy
78 Midget

Keep your top down and your chin up

Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
System Administrator/Manager
Neuropsychiatry Section
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce St. - 1015 Gates
Philadelphia, PA 19104

 Ask a question and you're a fool for three minutes; do not ask a 
question and you're a fool for the rest of your life. 

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