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RE: Shipping A Tranny

To: "'Chris Attias'" <>
Subject: RE: Shipping A Tranny
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 17:30:05 -0700

        I packed the input and output shaft with paper to absorb any
leakage.  Then used two heavy duty plastic bags to wrap the transmission.
One from the top, one from the bottom.  Used heavy clear tape to secure the
bags.  Made a tube out of cardboard and taped it over the input shaft to
protect the splines and buffer the end.  Then I wrapped cardboard around the
trans, using heavy tape all the way around to keep the board tight.  Two
thicknesses of heavy cardboard over the end of the input shaft to protect it
in case of dropping.  

Good luck.


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> Subject: Shipping A Tranny
> Does anyone have experience shipping a transmission UPS?  How have 
> you packed/protected it for the journey.  I am about to send mine out 
> for a rebuild, and could use some pointers.  Thanks,
> Cheers,
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> Chris Attias
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