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Important safety note!!!

Subject: Important safety note!!!
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 21:51:29 -0700
Just a quick warning,

I put on one of those new fuel tank sending units from Moss, the ones we
all know and love not to work half the time when new.  I turn the key
and the gauge went all the way to full.  So I left it alone (ran out of

  I figured I would take it out again later and check it out.

I have driven the car alot since then.

Well, tonight I had the sender in my hand and was looking for obvious
problems.  It was still hooked up, and I see a spark.  The male spade
terminal on the sender itself had turned and was grounding it self on
the little box that contains the wiper mechanism.  This little box
resides inside the tank.

This was not a big spark, but I am pretty sure that gasoline vapor
doesn't need much to ignite....

Just for reference, (from the outside) the spade that hooks up to the
gauge should be parallel to the spade next to it.  Might be worth a peek
under your car to check.

Hope this makes sense I am a little tired.

Chad Cooper
'72 B Daily (almost) Driver

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