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Re: MGB Tube Shocks

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Subject: Re: MGB Tube Shocks
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Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 14:58:05 -0400
I went the tube shock route, yep... than had Peter C. and the guys
rebuild my Armstrong's. Swapped the Armstrong's back in.

Accept for a bit of roll stiffness (non flex of the shock  tubes
via they way they mount??)  I really couldn't tell any difference.

Paul Tegler 

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         Is that true?.. Didn't you get a pair from us? Have they served 
you well?
Peter C.
At 12:15 PM 10/5/2000, you wrote:
>Historically... the beauty of the tube shock conversion is nothing
>more than $$ cost.
>Any reasonable set or rebuilt Armstrong's (ones that will at least
>last you 20K miles!)  are still going to cost you at 2-4 times
>what the tube shock conversion costs.

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