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Re: MG's at Olympic parade

To: Eric <>
Subject: Re: MG's at Olympic parade
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2000 09:00:47 +1100
The cavalcade for the Olympic team here in Canberra next Tuesday is to be 
all MGs.  Our local club has been asked for 40 roadsters, which should not 
be a problem.  We actually have 5 reserves.


At 06:42 pm 6/10/00 +0000, Eric wrote:
>Scotty wrote:
> >
> > yesterday 'Thursday' Adelaide hosted the return of the Olympic
> > athletes. They rode on the back of convertible cars down the main
> > street of town, before a crowd of enthusiastic spectators
> >
> > The bulk of the cars were  MG's from TC, TD, TF, MGA and MGB's,
>Yeah, Scotty... I was going to put my trailer queen in the parade but
>they told me that Tatiana ( ), our local
>silver medallist pole vaulter, wasn't going to be there so I didn't
>I booked her a solo spot in my 'B but instead she chose to open the
>Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne <sigh>
>'68MGB MkII (and dreaming)

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
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