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&^%$# brake warning light

To: "MGs" <>
Subject: &^%$# brake warning light
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:55:13 +0930
HI Kids,

First off, my '76 MG B is back on the road and happy. The new motor runs and
pulls very nicely thank you very much and there is a distinct lack of all
the smoke and oil that started this little drama. The motor turned out to be
an extremely worn out hybrid. It is now a brand new "hotty".

However, not all is happy in MG land - it never ^%$# is, is it. My car is
cursed with one of those horrid brake warning lights. You know, the red
thing that sits on your dash board and glows when your brakes have failed
(as if the sudden lack of retardation isn't enough). My rear brakes were
rebuilt with the motor, and the front brakes checked out okay. The brakes
feel and work very well. When I'm driving around, and this problem came up
about 200 miles after picking the car up, the red brake warning light comes
on, and goes off, and comes on, etc, regardless of whether I'm using the
brakes or not. My mechanic has had a look, centralised that little piston
(though it didn't need it as it turned out) and generally checked
everything, and there are no obvious problems with the brakes, just this
darned warning light. Any suggestions on what it could be?

'76 MGB - a piccy may be found at
who is very tempted to just pull the warning light globe out and be done
with it

         Anne and Richard Spurling

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