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Re: TV Sighting!!!

To: " (Scott Regel)" <>
Subject: Re: TV Sighting!!!
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 17:41:44 -0700
I have seen that episode. The robbers end up in a junk yard, and the car 
gets lifted up by one of those large electro magnets on the end of a 
crane, with the robbers still inside.  I almost cried when the car about 
folded in half, since they lifted by the hood.

Just thought I would fill you in...

(Scott Regel) wrote:

> This morning on my way out the door, the little one had TVLand on.  The old 
> "CHiP's" TV show was on.  The whole show was based on this blue rubber bumper 
> Midget that was robbing banks.  It was funny (no offense intended!) to see 
> the Midget out run the two motorcycles and a police car!  Then they took off 
> across a golf course with the motorcycles chasing them in between trees and 
> down the cart path.  Wish I could do that on the local course!  To bad I 
> couldn't stay to watch.
> Scott
> 76B

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