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wheel bearings

Subject: wheel bearings
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 06:10:28 -0700
here's a question:
the time has come to repack my front wheel bearings
because i don't want to spend much money, and i have more time, i dont'
want to give this job to the shop who recently gave my B a new head and
my question is this:
i've done wheel bearings on an american car sometime ago, but they were
pulled out on a shop bench and the whole affair was quite simple.
are there any things i need to be aware of when attempting this with
limited tools in the parking lot of my apartment complex?
any special MGB rules of thumb?
I know i have to do the front, but i figure i might as well do rear
while I'm at it.
What I'm asking for is a brief refresher course so I am prepared (and
maybe to help others on the list?)
thanks in advance
Mike Jose
79 B running strong but for bearings and brakes

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