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Re: "Please don't kill me."

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Subject: Re: "Please don't kill me."
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Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 12:26:05 +1030
Okay, you Americans might consider this important. The rest of the world
does not necessarily. I joined this list to talk about MGs - not American
politics, and certainly not at this level. How'd you blokes like to read
about the antics of John Howard (how many of you know or care who he is).

         Anne and Richard Spurling
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Subject: "Please don't kill me."

> Fellow MG owners,
> I apologize for posting this to a car list, but it seemed to be very
> relevant for American voters.  I was going to vote for Bush (reluctantly)
> but I'm having second thoughts esp. with his drunk driving problem (my
> and child were killed by a drunk driver).
> Felix Como
> >> Please read this and if it concerns you as much as it did me, FORWARD
> TO
> >> AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN!  It originally appeared as a letter to the
> editor in a California newspaper.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Over the course of the campaign for President of the United States,
> several
> >> very disturbing facts have come forth about Mr. Bush that would lead
> anyone,
> >> even the most loyal Republican, to dread a Bush administration.
> >>
> >> Mr. Bush has cruised through life on his Daddy's coat tails. That's how
> he
> >> got into Yale and Harvard and that's how he became a pilot in the Air
> >> National Guard during the Vietnam War. His grades would not have
> >> you or me into Yale, Harvard, or pilot training. When your father is a
> >> blue-blood senator, you can have anything you want.
> >>
> >> Why aren't all the Republican military folks concerned about his
> >> record? Bush did not report for duty for an entire year! Most folks,
> >> you and me, would have ended up in Leavenworth or shipped off to Nam.
> top
> >> of that, he refused to report for a required physical exam during that
> >> period: the first exam that required drug testing. (One-year gap in
> Bush's
> >> National Guard Duty, Boston Globe, 5/23/2000)
> >>
> >> Yes, some folks will say, well, look at Clinton's draft dodging, and I
> >> respond, yes, he protested a bad war, as did I. But look at the flack
> got
> >> from the War Hero Dole supporters (good Republicans all). The point is,
> if
> >> Republicans think a good military record is a prerequisite for a good
> >> president, they can't have it both ways. Failing to criticize Bush for
> his
> >> failings in this department is hypocritical.
> >>
> >> According to Gail Sheehey (Vanity Fair, October, 2000) Bush's highest
> >> ambition has always been to be Commissioner of Baseball. He didn't
> >> want to be Governor, it was a fall back option when he wasn't appointed
> >> Commissioner. Do we really want a president in the White House who
> >> wants to be a baseball commissioner??
> >>
> >> Her article also addresses his verbal gaffes. More than likely, Mr.
> is
> >> dyslexic and has an attention deficit disorder. His mother tutored him
> >> intensively all through school because he had trouble reading. To this
> day,
> >> he never reads the reports that are submitted to him. He asks his aides
> to
> >> explain them to him, verbally. He cannot sit still for more than a
> >> half-hour: meetings bore him. Is this presidential material? A spoiled
> brat
> >> preppy who can't sit still?
> >>
> >> To add to these disturbing traits, Mr. Bush tortured animals as a
> >> According to Myriam Miedzian of the Baltimore Sun (Growing up is hard
> do,
> >> 9/12/200) Mr. Bush enjoyed stuffing firecrackers into frogs from
> >> throwing them in the air and watching them blow up. Mr. Bush's
> >> friend Terry Throckmorton "openly and laughingly admits, 'We were
> terrible
> >> to animals'" Animal cruelty is a well-known symptom of serious
> psychological
> >> problems.
> >>
> >> In her article, she worries, "Is boy George's lack of empathy and
> >> not just childhood insensitivity, but rather a personality trait still
> >> present in the man? If so, we have much to be concerned about. Last
> >> George W. Bush gave an interview to a Talk magazine reporter about the
> >> execution of convicted Texas murderer Karla Faye Tucker, who became a
> >> Christian after her incarceration. Mr. Bush chose to mimic the late
> >> Faye begging for mercy: "Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in
> >> desperation, 'don't kill me.'"
> >>
> >> It is crystal clear that Bush is a pawn of the vested interests that he
> >> carries around in his back pocket (and his DNA), a man most unfit
> >> psychologically, mentally and emotionally to hold the highest office in
> our
> >> country.
> >>
> >> I would have felt much safer having a contest between McCain and Gore.
> >> least if Gore didn't win, I wouldn't contemplate leaving the country!
> >> Please! don't vote for Bush.
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