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Re: Anybody use 175R14? Spare space??

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Subject: Re: Anybody use 175R14? Spare space??
From: "Ptegler" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 08:00:10 -0500
??? my 175 fits just fine in the spare compartment

Paul Tegler 

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Subject: RE: Anybody use 175R14?

One thing in favour for the 165's:
In a GT the spare tire space is only ready to fit the 165.



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> Bolivia the cost is pretty steep. Anyhow, I wonder if anybody is using
> 175R14?

I personally can not see the point in original width tyres on MGs,
particularly when the wider tyres work so much better. I run 185/65 r 14s on
my car, as do most people in Adelaide (Firestones actually and they work
very well here). They are readily available, fit well and perform very well
(road car - not racing car). Some people squeeze 195s onto their rims, but
these can lead to clearance troubles. The 185s are perfect. They look right,
not bulgy or big, just 'right', and have a much larger footprint than the
165. The only thing 165s have going for them is originality - at the expense
of road holding, and isn't that what these cars are all about?

'76 B - new engine running in nicely and begging to be flogged
         Anne and Richard Spurling

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